Size Guide

Beauty and convenience — these are two most important ingredients for success in creating lingerie.

When shopping for underwear or a bathing suit it should be properly adjusted to the size and shape.


Bra size is determined by two parameters: the girth of the chest and girth under the breast. The greater the difference between these two parameters, the more fullness of the cup.


Size of panties, girdles and belts is determined by measuring round the hips.


Table of Women's sizes


Table of Men's sizes

Table of child / teen sizes

Dimensional table of tights.


To determine your correct size in the size chart it is necessary find your weight and height and at the intersection of these values will be the field with the right size. For example, with a weight of 61 kg and a height of 168 cm we recommend size 3.


The size of teenage tights is determined by the hight. Thus each hight corresponds to the figure circumference of the hips.